Flipbooks tell the story with every turn of the page, literally.

A flipbook is a series of still photos, each with a slight deviation from the previous photo. When flipped really quickly, it brings the photos to life.

Our flipbooks are an innovative and new way to step up your event experience. All we need from you is to take a short video, which we will then turn into a flipbook! Best of all, it takes no longer than 2 minutes per book!

We include a customised cover with matte finishing making the end product not only looking gorgeous but having a premium feel to it.

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Think Fun

Think of something fun or and wacky to do


Ready, Action!

With the props, have fun and make your own 6 seconds video.


Wait for it…

Collect your Flipbook after it’s made in 2mins time.


It’s that simple!


Not enough? Need a longer period other than our standard package? We can accommodate. For whole day(s) or multiple events rates, Please do not hesitate to drop us a call or email for a customised quote
Anticipating a sudden surge of prints midway? Or thinking the default number of printer(s) is not enough? Rent an additional printer from us. You don’t need to rent for the entire period of engagement. Just the hours within the service period you think you need. Minimum 2hours.

We provide elegantly designed and
customised covers for all our Flipbook events.

We place great emphasis on our prints. They are pre-processed with love to ensure they are confirmed to standards. To ensure longevity in our prints, the glossy-finished prints come with a coat of water-resistant lamination to ensure your memories are well preserved.
Each 4R print takes only 10 seconds. Together with our beautiful true to life colours, we have the best prints in town.

Want your party to be underwater? No problem. Want your party to have dinosaurs? Absolutely. At no additional costs, we can also provide a green screen to take your photos to the next level. Our green screen technology brings you 100% fun with 0% hassle.

Customised props and backdrops can be strong ways to bring across a message or just add much needed zest to your photos. Just speak to our team of designers who can help make your fantasies, realities.

Let us know your ideas and we can help you realised them for a small fee. *Approximately 5 – 8 x A3-sized props.

We can provide customised backdrops. Fees will depend mainly on material costs. You can choose between a simple environment-friendly non-PVC printed backdrop (paper/ cloth) on our normal backdrop stands (no frills) and matte printed displays on wooden frames (more professional looking).
*Fees will be charged if you need our designer to design for you as the process takes up a significant amount of time.


Can we customise the cover of the book?
Yes our designer can definitely help you with that. The photo overlay can be completely customised to suit your desired mood or branding.
How many books can one printer print in an hour?

Our high speed dye-sub printer can print a max of 40 books an hour. If needed, an additional printer would twice the output speed.

Will my guests whose videos are taken, receive a print each?

Due to high-number of pages per book, one printer only produces 40 books per hour, thus we recommend only print one copy per group. This is to ensure the groups at the back get at least a copy. If the print queue is short, we can help to reprint upon guests request.

Will I receive soft copies?

Yes, all soft copies of the Flipbook photo-booth will be returned via download link.

How Do Confirm a booking with Live Moments?
You can place your order and make your investment directly via our shopping page.

Alternatively, if you prefer talking with us in person, you can send us an email confirmation to or via the Contact page with the following details:

Full Name:

Contact number:

Mailing Address:

Event date:


Start time:

Package required:

Hours of service:

Size of prints:

We will then send you an invoice and we will collect approximately 50% as deposit. The balance has to be paid before we start our service.


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