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Weddings, social gatherings and corporate events make up a big part of your life and are often the highlight of your week. Too often do we go to these events and leave with nothing more than a fading memory. This is where Live Moments comes into play with our fantastic instant print service, turning your amazing events into high-quality photos that you can keep forever.

Our experienced photographers roam the scene of your event to encapsulate the perfect moments into prints. Each laugh, each tear and each moment are captured to provide you with a ‘Live’ photography solution. Here, at Live Moments, we believe in using light in creative and effective ways which far surpass the techniques used by most in this industry. Using light, we can make the subjects ‘pop’ against a vibrant, glowing background. At Live Moments, making you look your best in any situation is our highest priority.

“Absolutely The Best Flash Photographer I Know”

- Fiona Lee


A roving photographer is simply one who aims to capture every moment in the event, as opposed to one who is stationed at a photo booth. Our photographer will engage the crowd for amazing group photos, or capture your most beautiful, candid moments. These photos will then be wirelessly sent for printing so that your photos will be waiting for your collection. We can give these photos a personal touch able to put your very own branding or message are imprinted onto your photos to make for a truly memorable memento.

Our friendly assistant(s) will find and distribute the photos to your guests (for guests size 450 packs and below). We can also imprint your branding or messages on the photos for before printing them out, giving your guests a truly personalised and meaningful memento of the evening.


Our advanced light technique makes for a slimmer and shapelier look.

Instant print is the first in his industry to use various techniques to help bring the subject of an image to life. This mixture of techniques helps to bring a studio feel and extreme vibrancy to your photographs.

“The Picture Are Vivid, The Subjects Pop And Look Really Good”



Capture the finest smiles and poses.

At Live Moments, we believe that you treasure the memories you look best in even more, this is why we strive to capture your finest moments at all times.


Elegant & Classy.

We design you your very own, customised overlay to accentuate your photos. Our expert team of designers help to bring your design ideas to life.


Vivid and well-balanced skin tone.

To ensure a long-lasting print, they come with a coat of water-resistant lamination to ensure your memories are well preserved and only takes 10 seconds to print per photograph. Together with our beautiful true to life colours, we have the best prints in town.


Mix and match.

ADDITIONAL HOUR Need our services for longer than what our standard package offers? We can accommodate. For whole day(s) or multiple events rates, please do not hesitate to drop us a call or email for a customised quote.

ADDITIONAL PRINTER Anticipating a sudden surge of prints midway through your event? Or thinking the default number of printer(s) is not enough? Rent an additional printer from us, for the hours you need it (minimum of two hours).

LIVE PROJECTION/ PHOTO WALL As we use wireless setup, implementing a Live Projection (photo slideshow) or a Photowall (scrolling masonry grid display of photos) is easy. Your guests can see the pictures shortly after they are taken resulting in a more interactive experience.

CUSTOMISED ENVELOPES Our premium hand-selected textured envelopes are especially customisable. They can store photos or be folded for use as a photo frame to display your favourite image. We can also add a hot-stamped logo or a short message on each one of them.

CUSTOMISED PHOTO HOLDER/ SLEEVE We have paper photo holders of many different types. Ranging from a simple two corners slot in the card to windowed holders with a covering flap. Feel free to ask us for a quote.


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